Spy Dad Witnesses Sam's Club Bust A Real Criminal Shoplifter. Video Contains an Actual Real Crime

Spy Dad catches it all on video. Sam’s Club Catches a shoplifter red handed. Sam’s Club Security almost had to taze her and possibly shoot her with a gun.

Spy Dad was there for backup but luckily for the criminal Spy Dad didn’t have to hurt anyone.

Now we know why Sams Club will always check out my purchases on the way out. I hate it when though. It makes me feel like they think I stole something.



  1. At Costco you HAVE to wait, Costco is a private company and it’s in the agreement when you get the Costco card. Walmart is different you can hand them the receipt and keep walking

  2. They always scan your receipt at Sams Club and I can’t tell you how many times the person checking me out forgot to scan crap in my cart. They tell you to leave it in the cart and miss shit quite a few times. It’s embarrassing as all hell!

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