1. I just bought a pair of Camera Fishing Glasses from Bass Pro Shop and Became SpyDad.. What did you expect… Stephen Spielberg to produce this? Make sure to like and subscribe.

  2. Also if you were actually from here, you’d know mojos is NEVER going out of business LOL and you’re just creepy and butt hurt for getting called out. Weird behavior. You’re a grown man. Cringe.

  3. This channel has created a lot of attention for the people of the town he’s filming these creepy videos in. I hope he realizes how many midwestern folk are gonna be on the look out now 😂 this is just straight up weird.

  4. Ok ok ok…I'm pretty sure this guy is fucked in the nugget , because I watched about ten mins of my life away on a bunch of useless horseshit. I really thought mabey I wasn't getting something but there is nothing to fuckin get with any of the videos this morin has put out.

  5. What a stupid ass video! You couldn't have taken 5 minutes out of your day to come up with something. We have to watch this shit as you mumble into restaurant!

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